Founded in 2019, Reverie celebrates confidence and individuality. With the perfect combination of luxe-meets-laid-back, we make it our mission to deliver something everyone can feel comfortable in. It’s about the individual who wears it.


Don’t settle for less.

Crafted with comfort in mind, a lot of thought and consideration goes into the design and material of every piece we produce. After a whole week of workwear, Reverie aims to be the go-to piece for your weekend brunches or simply lounging around with friends.

Setting ourselves apart from of a run-on-the-mill fashion label, Reverie would like to provide an experience a little more than that. Every collection has a story to tell.

With every lace detailing and printed design, it comes with limited runs. This means that once it’s sold out, we will probably never restock them again. It also prevents overproduction. We would like to provide the exclusivity and quality without unaffordable price tags.

As strong believers in slow fashion, we make a conscious choice to create tasteful and timeless pieces that are made to last. The eventual goal is to use recycled and sustainable fabrics for our resort wear line.

To help tackle climate change and to create more jobs in the communities involved, a tree will be planted with every purchase. We are currently supporting this cause through One Tree Planted.

We hope to make the world a better place to live in, so every quarterly, we contribute a certain portion of our profits to a charity of choice.