Good for you, better for the planet

As we change our way of consumption, fashion plays a huge part in our daily choices. Through our products, our consumers are empowered to choose sustainable materials that embody a second life. We hope to raise climate change awareness and make a positive impact for the planet.

Majority of fast fashion pieces are made of polyester (plastic), given its durable and easy-care qualities. We want to stretch the environmental cost and prolong the lifespan of such plastic by using recycled PET bottles, plastic and deadstock fabric in our pieces. All fabric information are available down below and in each product description.

Reverie Studio makes it a mission to deliver something everyone can feel comfortable in but above all, a better tomorrow.

Here's a list of fabrics that Reverie uses in our designs


Natural Fiber | Breathable | Biodegradable

Our cotton fabrics are purchased from mainly Japan & Korea.

Deadstock fabrics

Natural-Based | Silky Smooth | Biodegradable

Our deadstock fabrics are mostly polyesters which allows us to digitally print on them.

One of a kind Laces

Cotton-Based | Stretachable | Breathable

Our laces are mostly unique pieces

Do check the fabric tab in each individual design for an accurate composition and origin of the fabric used.