The start of something new — Reverie 2.0

The start of something new — Reverie 2.0

The start of something new — Reverie 2.0

2020 has been such a whirlwind, isn't it? We started off the year with the Australian bushfires, and then we were hit concurrently with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without a doubt, it has turned our lives upside down. We hope you and your family are safe wherever you are in the world. 

We are lucky to be able to work from home and like most changes in life, we try to make the best out of it. 


Speaking of change, we did a rebranding in the beginning of 2020 to introduce our upcoming loungewear line which includes unisex options. Our mission remains the same — to celebrate confidence and individuality. We continue to perpetuate the perfect combination of luxe-meets-laid-back, with reasonable prices to match.

Setting ourselves apart from of a run-on-the-mill fashion label, Reverie would like to provide you with an experience a little more than that. Every upcoming loungewear collection collaborates with an individual or group with a story to tell.

With every lace detailing and printed design, it comes with limited runs. This means that once it’s sold out, we will probably never restock them again. We would like to provide the exclusivity and quality without unaffordable price tags.

Crafted with comfort In mind, a lot of thought and consideration goes into the design and material of every piece we produce. After a whole week of workwear, Reverie aims to be the go-to piece for your weekend brunches or simply lounging around with friends.

With that, we're celebrating with a 20% off all existing items to celebrate the relaunch! Keep an eye out for it. 

Reverie team.